Can you tell me when it's going to snow?

Mountain weather is notoriously dynamic and regional weather trends can be dramatically altered by local terrain effects. Slight shifts in wind direction can, quite literally, mean the difference between a day of sunshine and 30cm of snow in a whiteout. 

Weather forecasts are more accurate in stable (generally high pressure) conditions, whilst the low pressure and un-settled conditions that bring us what we want (snow) are, by their very nature, much more dynamic and difficult to accurately predict. As a rule of thumb, mountain weather forecasts further out than 48-72 hours should only be taken as an indication.

Athough forecast models improve with every year, it is just not possible to accurately predict quantities of fresh snow more than a few days in advance.

We update our snow reports and forecasts several times each day, and you can always find the latest information on the J2Ski Snow Pages at

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